Best Indestructible iPhone 6 Cases To Protect From Drops


We have all been there. Your expensive iphone 6 falls out of your hands when you least expect it, you watch it fall to the floor and crack! The moment you pick it up, dreading not to see the horrible site of a big fat crack down the middle of the screen. Yes iphone 6’s are extremely fragile so the best why to ensure  the scenario above doesn’t happen is to protect it with a (near) indestructible phone case for your iPhone 6.

There are countless of iphone 6 cases on the market and to be honest the majority of them in our view are complete garbage and do nothing for your iPhone when dropped. But fear not! because we have trolled through endless iPhone cases and brought you the best of the best. The kind of quality of phone case that when you do drop your phone you can be confident that the screen wont be broken! Now of course the iPhone 6 cases listed below are not guaranteed to protect your phone from all drops, however with the selection below you have your best chance of protecting your iPhone 6 from drops or breaks.

Important Factors

There are so many very poor iPhone cases out there that offer very little protection for your iPhone. So whilst reviewing which cases offer the most protection we highlighted some important factors.

  • Protection against a cracked screen – This may seem pretty obvious but actually it is one of the most important factors of evaluating whoch case will provide the most protection. It is also the most fragile part of the iPhone and the hardest to protect. Many of the cheaper and lesser quality phone cases just don’t do a good enough job when ot comes to protecting the screen for iPhones. The key areas here that we look for are raised lips, protected corners and of course screen protectors.
  • Not too bulky! – You could encase your phone in a brick and your phone would be nice and protected but that wouldn’t be very practical of course! So we have ensured that the phone cases we have chosen below provide the up most protection for your iPhone 6 without being too bulky.
  • iPhone 6 Drop Test – Whilst not all the indestructible iPhone 6 cases reviews below include a drop test we have made sure we have included some. You will be able to see actual videos of iPhone 6’s being dropped out of a window or thrown up in the air to actually test if they can protect the iPhone 6 from being dropped. We also look out for labels and claims from the manufacturer that their iPhone 6 case has been drop tested.

Military grade iPhone cases

Now you may notice that we mention the words ‘military grade‘ for some of the iphone 6 cases and you maybe thinking what the heck does that mean? Well military grade, when it comes to iPhone 6 cases, can best be summed up by the wiki page for military grade wiki. iPhone 6 cases that are certified as military grade will have a stamp or be labelled with something along the lines of “Certified Military Grade Drop Tested ” or “meets or exceeds military standards”. You can also look out for badges such as this one:

Military Grade

You know when you choose a case that proudly boasts a badge like that then you really do have something that is very close to a indestructible iPhone 6 case!

The following iphone 6 cases in our selection below that are military grade are:

Indestructible iPhone 6 Case

So let’s take a look at the best indestructible iPhone 6 cases to protect your phone from drops.

OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6

Ottobox Defender iphone 6

The OtterBox defender just has to be at the No. 1 spot in our list of best indestructible iPhone 6 cases. If you are serious about protecting your iPhone 6 then go for the OtterBox Defender case! The case is designed specifically to be the best and most durable phone case on the market. The triple layer protection comprising of high-impact polycarbonate shell, a cover made from durable silicone and a very nice extra bonus of a built in screen protector.

Another nice feature of this case is the handy belt clip for times when you need your phone but your hands are full or when your out and and about jogging. The belt clip also doubles up as a kickstand allowing for hands fee media watching.

In order to have this level of protection there is going to be a slight tradeoff, and that is the fact it is a little bulky. The design team at OtterBox have really tried to provide the utmost protection for your phone whilst trying to keep it as slim as possible. We think although it is a little bulky they have done an excellent job in that regards considering the high level of protection this phone gives.

OtterBox Defender Drop Test!

Talking about protection lets have a look at the OtterBox defender iPhone 6 case in action!

If you ever needed roof the that this phone case will protect your phone then there it is!

The OtterBox Defender is compatible with:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s




Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck Candyshell Grip


This bad boy has actually met or exceeded military standards allowing it to boast a military grade badge! Lab and drop tested it uses patented technology to ensure that it protects your iPhone when dropped. We especially like the fact that it protects the screen too when dropped due to its raised bezel edges which not only protects the fragile iphone screen from drops but also from any minor scratches when the phone is placed face down on hard surfaces. The unique design gives extra grip fro your hands which acts as another safety measure towards drops by helping to prevent dropping in the first place!



Tirnga Heavy Duty

tirnga phone case


Spigen Tough Armor


Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6Compatible with: Apple iPhone 6 (2014) / iPhone 6s (2015)





Ballistic Jewel Series Clear iPhone 6 Case

Ballistic Jewel iPhone 6 Case

The Ballistic Jewel iPhone 6 case not only looks great but also provides solid protection for your iPhone 6. The unique design of this case means you have reinforced corners giving extra protection for your screen against corner drops. The screen also gets protection from the raised lips and corners, a feature so many below par phone cases just simply don’t possess. Ballistic claim their case will fully protect your phone from drops of around 6ft. So unless you are super tall then this iPhone case should do the job! Not as much protection as some of the other cases we have mentioned above but what you don’t get in protection you do get in style!  Its slim. Its sleek and it sure does look good!

The Ballistic Jewel case is compatible with Apple iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s.